Birthday Princess

















This year was all about the princesses. Paytyn loves to dress up as all her favorite princesses and dance around the house. So of course we had a princess themed party. Daddy found the Sleeping Beauty dress and “Princess” crown for her to wear. I had a blast making the Sleeping Beauty cake just for her.

Time has sure flown the last three years. Paytyn is definitely a little girl now. No traces of baby seem to be left behind. (though we still cling tightly to our blanket) I love watching her curiosity grow as she asks me ‘Why?’. Sometimes I even go ahead and try to explain slightly complex things to her. It’s awesome to watch the wheels turn. She is such a sweet, caring person. She loves her family, especially her little brother so much. She is definitely a girlie girl too. Wanting to wear skirts and dresses a lot. We can’t imagine life without our spunky big girl.


Go Ducks!

Many of you that know us, know that we are huge Oregon Duck fans. We love watching them play every Saturday in our duck gear. Even the kids get in on it. Paytyn now sees green and yellow and knows it stands for the “go ducks”. 🙂 Well this year was a particularly great year for the Ducks. They went undefeated and were set to play in the national championship game on January 10th. For Nick this was completely overwhelming. He was SO excited, beyond himself. In his life time he hadn’t seen them make it this far. To win the championship would be a dream for him. So we invited a few friends over. Of course they had to cheer on the Ducks or they weren’t allowed in. haha  We got all dressed up and even decorated the house a bit for the big game.

The house








































This was technically Cayden’s second game but this time he got to dress in his jersey.










Paytyn posing with the Go Ducks bear and showing off her green and yellow painted nails.










Go Ducks!


*So they ended up losing. It was pretty sad. Nick was really upset and believes he’ll never again see this day. But I am trying to stay positive, they are a good team. We’ll see 🙂 but we still love our Ducks.*

Christmas Activities

We hadn’t made any definite plans for the holidays just because Cayden was coming early December and we weren’t sure how we would be feeling. But we did get our decorating done early just in case. Well after only a week we were getting out and about some. Here’s a few of the Christmas activities we got to enjoy.











Paytyn was SO excited to help decorate this year. We have a lot of fun putting up the tree and getting everything out but to watch her excitement made it that much more fun.











Paytyn got to hang out with her Nana and Papa for a couple of nights while we were in the hospital and our first night home. Here she is at Lake Washington taking in the clam lights and the boats. She had a real fascination with the lights this year too.





















We went into Seattle for a ride on the carousel again this year.











For Christmas we headed down to Oregon to visit with Oma and Opa for a few days. On Christmas Eve after the church service, we headed over to Nick’s sister Erin’s house. It was the first time Paytyn had a true sleepover. Her and Stella slept together on an air mattress in their sleeping bags. Let’s just say not a lot of sleep was had on Paytyn’s end. But the beginning of some great memories.  The next morning was fun with the girls opening tons of presents. This year princesses were high on the list.











Christmas jammies!








Greta, Paytyn, and Cayden in their Christmas jammies.

On New Year’s Day we headed over to my parents house for a little more Christmas fun.











The Boot. This boot has been in the family since my sister and I were little. My grandma (my mom’s mom) used to fill this for us with little gifts including oranges and fun little toys. My mom took over the boot after my grandma passed away and now it’s being passed on to our kids. The babies were just a little to young this year so Paytyn got to open it by herself for one last time.

We had a great Christmas this year. Each year gets more and more fun as Paytyn grows. We can’t wait until a little one year old can join her next year.


Cayden Nicholas Loyd

On December 2, 2010 we welcomed our son, Cayden Nicholas into the world. It was quite a different experience than with Paytyn. With Paytyn we were induced so we could somewhat plan for her arrival. With Cayden everything was normal so we were just waiting for him to decide. And he decided to join us right on his due date. And in a fraction of the time. But he really is the sweetest thing next to his sister and we have been enjoying getting to know him.







7 lbs. 9 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.
















First bath in the hospital. He actually did like it despite what you see here.







First family photo. Paytyn was quite concerned about Mommy being in the bed and wanted me to get up. She wasn’t too sure about getting close to Cayden quite yet either.










Headed home 🙂

Better late than never

So yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. The last post is already almost 4 months old. I just can’t seem to get myself to sit down and do it even though I truly want to. I start to feel guilty for not cleaning something. So I am just going to try and get over that and start to keep this up. I have so much to share and yes, some of it dates back to the end of 2010 but wanted to catch you up on what’s been happening in the Loyd house. So here goes…..

Pumpkin Patch

This year we traveled to a different Pumpkin patch that had more activities. There was the patch of course but they also had a little tractor ride for kids, fishing, petting zoo, corn maze and a huge pile of corn you could jump and play in. But we only chose the tractor ride due to the expense of it all and timing of naps. It was a great time though. We even took Auntie Tina and Greta, Nana and Papa with us too.










Daddy, Paytyn and Greta posing with the corn.


















The church has a carving party every year that we decided to go to. They provide the space, and a spaghetti dinner and you bring the tools and pumpkins.  We had Aunt Erin, Aunt Elissa, and cousin Stella up for a visit and they joined us. Here is Paytyn and Stella cleaning out Paytyn’s pumpkin. I think Stella loved it more than Paytyn did.










Posing on Halloween with her jack-o-lantern.

Halloween 2010

This year was the first time we actually took Paytyn trick or treating. Unfortunately, Nick had to work so he didn’t get to join us but we joined him later that night. There is a towncenter just about 10 min. from our house that was having the shops open early in the evening for kids to come and trick or treat. We headed over there just about 5 and lucky we did. By the time we had walked up and down the street (which took about and hour) and were headed out, it was really crowded. But me and my princess Belle had a great time. I can’t wait for next year.











It’s hard to see but this is her first piece of halloween candy, a snickers.










My beautiful Belle.










The loot.










This year the high school group threw a party for some kids in a poorer part of town. We got to join them after we trick or treated and have pizza and watch them play games.










Enjoying her piece of that multitude of candy. Also note, that dress is still being worn a lot. She loves dressing up as a princess.










And what Halloween season isn’t complete without our traditional pumpkin shaped pizza.


Welcome baby Greta




























My precious little niece. Greta Marie DeKoker born September 18, 2010. I can’t believe she has been here for a month already. She has changed so much already but is definitely showing her personality. But we absolutely love her and can’t wait to watch her grow.

Baby belly










25 weeks preggo










30 weeks












33 weeks

I can’t believe we only have about 7 weeks left. I can’t wait to meet this little guy but I am getting a little anxious. I feel we have so much to do still. A lot of organizing needs to happen too. Maybe that’s just me 🙂